Back Injuries At Work

A back injury is no laughing matter… The worst part is when people say ‘Oh me too – I have a bad back as well.’

This happens a lot, people downplay the seriousness of an injury and back injuries often get ignored in the workplace unless they require paramedics on the scene immediately.

This issue is a recurrent one across all industries and back injuries no matter how severe can cause you a lot of pain and affect your day to day life. Perhaps even your ability to work, or the ableness to work to your full ability.

There are a number of different back injury scenarios in the workplace:

1. Lifting Injury
2. Traffic Injury
3. Colleague Negligence Injury
4. Slip Injury
5. Fall Injury
6. Posture Injury

In all cases here there is negligence, and usually these injuries are totally preventable. Health and safety training is mandatory to provide for employers… Traffic injuries such as getting hurt by a forklift truck should be preventable if people are paying attention to their training.

Slips and falls are most common. Caution signs should be placed when there is a wet surface, it’s not simply forgetfulness or somebodies quirky nature when you slip and get hurt it’s them being negligent and not acting as a professional in their place of work.

They have a duty to ensure they do not endanger other colleagues, as do employers with employees.

Perhaps the most important aspect of a back injury is knowing that you must report this to your manager or supervisor. This should then be logged and obviously you should see your doctor about this.

If the back injury is serious and ends up costing you in some area of your life, be it work, personal or financial then you have the right to make a claim to receive recompense for this.

A common scenario is for those who suffer a slipped disc… This involves surgery, extensive time off of work and rehabilitation. You should not have to pay for this when the injury was not your fault in the first place.

There are stringent laws in the UK that mean so long as you suffered the injury in the last 3 years that you can make a claim… It is actually your legal right to do so!

Here at DriveABC we don’t want people suffering from what most would claim to be trivial, no big deal and brushed under the rug.

So please if you know somebody who has been in this scenario pass the article along and let them know that we’re a friendly free advice team who offer online consulting.

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The Best Type of Claim

The best type of claim to make is one where you have real evidence that you have suffered,

  • Medical Negligence
  • Workplace Injury
  • Collision

What do these three types of claim have in common?

1, You can only claim if you have suffered the injury in the last 3 years,

2. You stand no chance of making it past litigation if you don’t have evidence.

3. An out of court settlement is your best chance of receiving any compensation at all.

4. Out of court settlements are rare unless you have a professional solicitor on your side.

These are the harsh truths nobody else will give you, but at driveabc we really want to help you make the best claim possible. If we were solicitors we’d tell you we’d win you the claim or your money back.

The truth is that collectively we’ve suffered at the hands of various ‘professionals’ and we’ve shared how hard the process can actually be.

One of us didn’t go with a solicitor and we never received a penny, while another of us used a professional solicitor who got us an out of court settlement for negligence far less severe than the one of us who got nothing.

We really don’t want to see that happen to you – or anyone you know.

The best claim is definitely the one where you collate the evidence, map out the dates and go to a solicitor for advice. When you do this, find out if they are no win no fee because for your financial situation it may make sense to do so.

If your claim fails the first time it may make sense to make another with the proper approach if it was still within the last three years.

We will be helping you and others like us on this blog to dispel the myths and allay the fears about making a claim.

If there are any questions you have, let us know and we will do our best to help guide you in the right direction.

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